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[Action] Tell City Council We Need a Climate Change Plan

The City of Ottawa’s own numbers show that we’re not achieving our climate change targets. What’s more, although evidence shows climate change is everyone’s problem some city councillors don’t think it’s a municipal issue and are trying to suppress discussion. … Continue reading

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A Victory for Concerned Citizens

On May 3rd true environmentally concerned city councillors stepped up to the plate and did their part. A report on a study of greenhouse gasses produced within Ottawa’s boundaries was in danger of slipping into obscurity without debate or discussion. … Continue reading

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How the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Became Public

In late April a memo from city staff appeared on the City of Ottawa website describing the results of a study into greenhouse gas emissions within Ottawa’s boundaries. What follows is the brief tale of how this memo came to … Continue reading

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Why Climate Change is a Municipal Issue

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]Councillor Allan Hubley expressed the view that the City’s greenhouse gas inventory was not a municipal issue. We’ve got to tell our City Councillors this opinion is misguided. Climate change is everybody’s issue. Undertaking … Continue reading

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How Climate Change is Costing Ottawa Taxpayers

The impact of climate change is already costing City of Ottawa taxpayers money. For example, from the city’s website Ottawa is located in a zone of increasing winter freeze/thaw cycles and freezing rain… Freeze/thaw and freezing rain conditions increase winter … Continue reading

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What the City of Ottawa GHG Inventory Means

The City of Ottawa memo 2004 And 2008 Greenhouse Gas Inventories, Reduction Measures And Approach To Future Targets dated April 26, 2012 devotes the majority of its attention to the laudable achievement of a 12.5% reduction in emissions from the … Continue reading

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