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Posts that focus on Ottawa-centric climate change news.

Climate Change Dampens Local Winter Sports

The following is reposted from Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. If you want to help make a difference right here in Ottawa send an email with your interest in climate change issues to Climate Change Dampens Winter Sports in Ottawa-Gatineau Shorter seasons, … Continue reading

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Thank You Mayor Watson

On February 1 Mayor Jim Watson posted a list of green initiatives that are underway in the City of Ottawa. One of those was In the first quarter of this year the City will host a roundtable to review the … Continue reading

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Who is Taking Leadership

It is notable that Mayor Watson in looking back over the past two years includes in his list of green initiatives the planning of the the upcoming greenhouse gas roundtable. Yet Environment Committee Chair Councillor Maria McRae in her verbal … Continue reading

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An Encouraging Evening – Professional Engineers talk Sustainability

I was invited last night to attend a sustainability seminar put on by the Ottawa Chapter of the Professional Engineers of Ontario. It was quite uplifting. Consider: the event was sold out, capped at 150 seats, the most popular event that the PEO has … Continue reading

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How Can Global Warming be Real When it’s -27°C Outside?

I see that Ecology Ottawa’s latest email Update newsletter (dedicated to stimulating responsible action on climate change) is landing in people’s inboxes on the coldest day we’ve had in 8 years. Could the wind chill be blowing away people’s conviction … Continue reading

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The Year in Review

2012 has been an eventful year for residents of Ottawa concerned about global warming. It’s ending on a high note but we’ve sure seen some lows over the last twelve months. To ring in the New Year let’s celebrate a few important … Continue reading

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Resident of River Ward Calls on Maria McRae to Disavow Climate Change Denial

This morning on CKCU Mark Brooks interviewed Joan Kuyek. [audio] Here’s some of what she said: It came to my attention too that Paul McRae, who is Maria McRae’s husband, had in the past been a climate change denier… Councillor … Continue reading

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Is There a Connection Between Climate Denial and the City’s Environment Committee Chair?

In trying to promote the City’s greenhouse gas roundtable I’ve been talking to people. One of these people pointed me to the blog of Paul McRae husband of City of Ottawa Environment Committee Chair Councillor Maria McRae. His blog contans more than 20 pages and posts asserting that global warming is … Continue reading

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What’s With The GHG Roundtable?

I’ve been giving a number of presentations over the last few weeks and as I tell my audiences that the City of Ottawa has committed to hosting a GreenHouse Gas Roundtable the question is beginning to come up more and more, when … Continue reading

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SLOWest Energy Conservation Workshop

On Thursday, Nov 8 from 7 to 9 p.m. at MEC, 366 Richmond Road, I’ll be presenting on behalf of Sustainable Living Ottawa West. The program says I’ll focus on practical ways to reduce energy consumption. To that end I offer … Continue reading

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