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Posts that focus on actions that people can take, either communicating to their City representatives or taking some action on their own.

Ask Your Elected Officials to Oppose the Tar Sands Pipeline

I just sent email to Paul Dewar (my MP), Yasir Naqvi (my MPP), Katherine Hobbs (my City Councillor), Kathleen Wynne (Premier of Ontario), and Jim Watson (Mayor of Ottawa), saying pretty much the following: I write because pipelines such as … Continue reading

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Act Locally Now – Your Invited to the City’s GHG Roundtable

The following extract from Ecology Ottawa’s recent post. Your job is to register to attend. We’ve worked for months to get the City of Ottawa back on track to do its fair share in the fight against climate change and … Continue reading

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[Action] Contact Your City Councillor

With Ecology Ottawa I am asking people to call their city councillor to ask that the upcoming greenhouse gas roundtable be used as a starting point for the city to revisit its climate change strategy. Here’s why: You can help … Continue reading

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Where’s that progress City Council agreed to? (You can help)

In 2005 the City of Ottawa was making fair progress on the issue of climate change. That stagnated during O’Brien’s Mayorship and since Councillor Maria McRae became Chair of Ottawa’s Environment Committee has actually slid backward. Concerned citizens and groups … Continue reading

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[Action] Tell City Council We Need a Climate Change Plan

The City of Ottawa’s own numbers show that we’re not achieving our climate change targets. What’s more, although evidence shows climate change is everyone’s problem some city councillors don’t think it’s a municipal issue and are trying to suppress discussion. … Continue reading

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[Action] Support the Choosing Our Future Long Term Plans

Action: Tell your Councillor you like what you see coming out of the Choosing Our Future process and that you want to see the plans implemented. Tell the Mayor too. There are a few things wrong with the suite of … Continue reading

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[Action] Gatineau Park Green Transportation Plan

Action: Send a note to the NCC’s VP Environment, copying the CEO and Director responsible for Gatineau Park, saying that a Green Transportation Plan that doesn’t account for greenhouse gasses is missing an important element. The NCC is currently running … Continue reading

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[Action] Sustainability Lens

Action: Tell your councillor you want a meaningful “Sustainability Lens.” On October 12, 2011 a motion was carried by Ottawa City Council to include a section called “Accessibility Impacts” in staff reports. The idea is that city staff be sure … Continue reading

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[Action] Support The 2012 Budget

On Wednesday October 26 draft budget documents were officially received at City Council. Hurrah! This represents

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[Action] Renewed Climate Change Targets for Ottawa

Action: We’re setting our local climate change targets over the coming weeks. (i) Ask your Councillor now to ensure these targets strongly address our greenhouse gas emissions; (ii) Attend the committee meeting where the targets become public; (iii) give input … Continue reading

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