Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

Within the science community there is no question, there is consensus on climate change:

  • the theory is sound
  • many many collections of data show that we are already experiencing it happening, and
  • the reason that it’s happening is that humans are putting stuff into our atmosphere like never before

Andrew Weaver who is a climate scientist in Victoria says in his book Keeping our Cool that in the 40 years leading up to 2007—when the 4th IPCC report came out—there were more than 30,000 peer reviewed studies published that had something to do with climate change.

Stefan Rahmstorf, a German climate scientist says that at this point approximately 11,000 peer reviewed studies are appearing annually related to climate change.

So climate change is being carefully studied within the most rigorous study methodological structures known to humanity. These studies began in the 1950s.

How do we know all these studies are pointing to a consensus? Because the scientific communities who are involved say so.

In fact one study by Naomi Oreskes did a keyword search for the phrase “global climate change” on all peer reviewed papers in the previous 10 years and found 928 studies. She then read all of them to see how many agreed or disagreed with the consensus. In the words of Andrew Weber:

Not a single study disagreed with the consensus view concerning the role of greenhouse gasses in causing global warming. No published studies existed that refuted a human contribution to global warming.