Local Public Concern Increasing on Carbon Pollution

Melty Canal

Melty Canal

Just yesterday Jian Ghomeshi talked on his CBC radio show Q about Canada’s environmental record. Today he chose as his letter of the day feedback that tied an “own the podium” interview to that poor Canadian showing.

I’d sent him an email too saying that in the three years since I’d begun volunteering full time fighting climate change the issue had changed from a conversation killer in social situations to something people engage with me on; glad to hear what I have to say.

His Q essay is one more piece of evidence that people are getting increasingly engaged. Consider the uptick in interest just this year and just here in Ottawa:

  • In March the GHG Roundtable sold out in record time with little publicity;
  • A local chapter of 350.org has formed and initiated divestment campaigns at UofO, Carleton and Algonquin as well as having numerous public meetings;
  • A record number of new Climate Reality presenters from Ottawa were trained by Al Gore, approximately doubling the local group;
  • Local Climate Reality Canada presenters held their first public event, 24 Hours of Reality;
  • The group Evidence for Democracy came into its own. It’s scientist based and aimed at the federal government but is based in Ottawa and climate science being stifled is one of its biggest concerns.
  • Citizen’s Climate Lobby established a local presence and held its first national convention in November in the National Capital.
  • The announcement of a tar sands pipeline planned to run within Ottawa city limits prompted pointed climate concerns locally.
  • A rally against the pipeline took place September 29.
  • Many people attended the company sponsored pipeline info session to give the other side of the story.
  • On Parliament Hill people symbolically stopped a flood of carbon rich oil out of the PM’s office in November

And those are just the things that jump to mind. I’ve had a large number of people beginning to get involved with me personally looking for constructive ways we can work together and bring down our local carbon pollution. If you want to help too, start by signing this Climate Pledge

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