The City of Ottawa’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy


Calgary flooding. Photo credit Ryan L. C. Quan via Wikimedia Commons

On June 24 the public got its first glimpse of Ottawa’s proposed changes to its Official Plan.

One thing not changed in the Official Plan is that the City will take measures to adapt to the effects of climate change by completing a climate change adaptation strategy. (Section 2.4.1, Policy 3-a).

In the wake of the disastrous flooding in Alberta, which many are linking to climate change (Ottawa Citizen, Maclean’s, CBC, etc.), one might ask how the City of Ottawa is getting along with that climate change adaptation strategy.

A quick search of the City’s website shows that a climate change adaptation strategy has been talked about since 2005 or so and was added to the Official Plan in 2008, but there doesn’t appear to be much mention of it since 2009.

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  1. We were searching for Membership Registration and came across your The City of Ottawa’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy | Climate Ottawa page. My biggest worry is energy independence, unless we end using dirty energy the planet is going to be in dire danger.
    I am surprised scientists are not looking at using more renewable energy like Ocean Turbines sort of like Crowd Energy. If we dont fix this problem now its going to get out of control.
    Thank you, Adelman

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