GHG Roundtable Outcome

On Saturday I gathered with hundreds of others at the City of Ottawa’s greenhouse gas roundtable. Ideas were expressed, speeches were made. But the most significant thing about the event I’ve captured in this video.

For the first time in I don’t know how long the highest official in our city has strongly expressed a commitment to setting, meeting and even exceeding emissions targets.

There is much to do to make those words reality, but this in itself is big and Jim Watson and his council deserve our thanks and support for taking this challenge in hand.

The full mulit-hour video of the GHG Roundtable can be watched here.

Time was short but the City of Ottawa took our ideas on how reduced emissions could actually be achieved and are compiling those ideas. You can submit your own input to the city via email to

The frame of the City’s input was as follows (from their agenda) but your input can conform to that frame or not, as you see fit.

  • What practical strategies can Ottawa adopt to most effectively reduce GHGs?
  • What GHG reduction solutions offer the fastest payback?
  • What GHG reduction solutions have the lowest barriers to access?
  • What utilities and companies can work together to provide effective GHG reduction synergies?
  • How can Ottawa best promote efficient appliances and building features?

In sending feedback please do congratulate and thank the City for taking this on.

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