Welcome Rumors

welcome rumorIf what I’m hearing is true, we are in for some good news.

March 23 is the GHG Roundtable at City Hall. The level of interest in participating was strong and with little promotion from the City the event filled up only a week after its date was announced.

Participants will be hearing and talking about practical ways to reduce climate change causing greenhouse gas emissions but a coalition of individuals and groups have been advocating for the roundtable to be the starting point for the City to re-energize its climate change management plan and revisit GHG reduction targets for our community.

Although there have been reasons for frustration over past years, cautious optimism is the vibe I’m feeling in talks with people hoping that the roundtable will be a useful and meaningful event.

In addition, there are moves in the community to get the word out quickly for those interested and who’d tried to register too late. Tweeting and a rapid third-party report are among the possibilities.


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