[Action] Bike Lanes & Bixy

When everyone is driving to work not to mention firing up the lawnmower or stuffing things into the clothes drier, a person looks like a granola chewing tree hugger when they ride a bike, buy a push mower and hang out a clothesline.

The City of Ottawa in building dedicated bike lanes is trying to change that.

In Ottawa only 2% of people commute by bike. In Copenhagen the figure is 30%. In Copenhagen they do it because it’s easier. Ottawa politicians have to press for ways to make it easier for us to produce less GHG. More than that, they have to set rules that make it harder for us to produce GHG – even if we don’t like it. Just like bars didn’t like smoking bans we elect the Mayor and Councillors to work in our best interest.

Action 1: Tell the Mayor and your Councillor that you approve of the bike lane pilot and that you want more (maybe include the following tidbit too).

The NCC under CEO Marie Lemay have brought Bixy bike sharing to Ottawa. They had hoped to integrate their tourism-oriented Bixy locations with commuter-oriented locations in cooperation with the cities of Gatineau and Ottawa.

Failing that, the NCC has designated “park and cycle” locations for commuting.

Action 2: Tell Marie Lemay that you approve of the NCC’s bicycling initiatives and that you want more. Tell Russell Mills too (he’s the NCC Chairman of the Board). Here’s their contact info:

Marie Lemay, Chief Executive Officer
National Capital Commission
40 Elgin Street
Ottawa ON K1P 1C7

Russell Mills, Chairman of the Board of Directors
National Capital Commission
40 Elgin Street
Ottawa ON K1P 1C7

Remember, you personally can’t set the rules that will lead Ottawa to a shrinking carbon footprint. These people can.

It is our duty to tell them we want them to do so.

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