[Action] Tell City Council We Need a Climate Change Plan

The City of Ottawa’s own numbers show that we’re not achieving our climate change targets. What’s more, although evidence shows climate change is everyone’s problem some city councillors don’t think it’s a municipal issue and are trying to suppress discussion.

You can make a difference by asking the Mayor and asking your Councillor to support action on climate change. (Links to do that below.)

Ottawa needs an overall climate change action plan. Unbelievably a plan from 2004 has not been updated and we now have no overarching approach to this critical issue.

It’s hard to get things done if they’re not in the budget so we’re asking the City to acknowledge its role by allocating resources in the 2013 budget.

The city’s study on greenhouse gasses comes back to Environment Committee June 19th so the issue is timely. Use this Google Map to identify your city councillor then email them from the list below. Each link should open a pre-filled email that you can edit.

For more background on the issue visit these links

Here are your elected officials (click to email them)

Community associations often communicate neighbourhood concerns to city councillors and you might get involved with your own community association to deliver the same message as a respected group. Here are links to lists of Ottawa community associations. None of the lists is comprehensive so check a few if you can’t find the community association for your neighbourhood.

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