And The City Says…

More evidence of the City’s lack of commitment to the Choosing Our Future plans.

Issued shortly after Wednesday’s Council meeting the City issued a news release which included the following:

“With the recent launch of ServiceOttawa, the inclusion of sustainability practices into all corporate initiatives and the completion of the Choosing our Future initiative, we have met our objectives.”


“The Community Sustainability Department is being discontinued and its staff is being integrated into the Planning and Growth Management Department and the Environmental Services Department.”

It was the Community Sustainability Department, according to the background material in the agenda item going to Environment Committee, who were going to (a) develop a sustainability lens, and (b) report on progress and monitor achievement against the plans.

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  1. Dave Wilson says:

    From the Background Material:
    ” Sustainability Lens and Self–assessment Process – Community Sustainability will develop a sustainability lens and self-assessment process that departments can use to evaluate whether individual programs, policies or services move the corporation and the community towards our long-term goals and strategic direction. Similar tools have been developed in other cities to evaluate the sustainability of development proposals, budget decisions or use of municipal land. The tool will be tested as a pilot in several departments and evaluated by pilot participants before a recommendation is made regarding its long-term use.”

    So who will develop the “lens”. Has the pilot been started? Who will hold the departments to task for sustainability? Have the similar tools in other communities been successful ( and have they been “buried” in other departments)?

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