[Action] Gatineau Park Green Transportation Plan

Action: Send a note to the NCC’s VP Environment, copying the CEO and Director responsible for Gatineau Park, saying that a Green Transportation Plan that doesn’t account for greenhouse gasses is missing an important element.

The NCC is currently running several public consolations, including one on their Green Transportation Plan for Gatineau Park.* Among other points made in the background documentation transportation is said to be a “Marginale [sic] contribution to regional greenhouse gas emissions.”

While this is true, it can be said of any activity that any of us undertake. However, the Plan leaves it at that, proposing no actions that would reduce GHG emissions.

The issue of climate change is infinitely more important than the parking challenges and joyride noise to which the Plan does address itself. If we can’t take such a serious issue seriously in preparing a Plan for green transportation in Canada’s conservation park how can we expect anyone to take it seriously anywhere?

All of the NCC officials noted below can be reached by postal mail at the following address:

National Capital Commission
40 Elgin Street
Ottawa ON  K1P 1C7

  • Michelle Comeau is Senior Vice-President, Environment, Capital Lands and Parks for the NCC. Her email is Michelle.Comeau@ncc-ccn.ca
  • Marie Lemay is CEO of the NCC. Her email is Marie.Lemay@ncc-ccn.ca
  • Marie Boulet is Director or the Gatineau Park & Greenbelt. Her email is Marie.Boulet@ncc-ccn.ca

Click here for a pre-addressed email to all three.

The general inquiry phone number is 613-239-5000

You’re encouraged also to give input on the public consultations at the NCC website (deadline Feb 19).

*For reasons known only to the NCC, this and other plans appear to change their names slightly over time. This plan is evidently now called the Sustainable Transportation Plan; what had previously been the Recreation Management Plan has become the Outdoor Activity Plan.


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