Greenspace Alliance Adopts Resolution on Climate Change

The Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital works to conserve public and private greenspace including waterways and wetlands and including natural and landscaped places deemed significant by a community.

At their meeting of November 21, 2011 they responded by a request from me and adopted the following resolution:

  • Whereas the Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital is constituted to preserve the region’s natural areas and parks; and
  • the flora and fauna of those green areas has largely evolved to survive in the historic climate of the Ottawa Valley; and
  • by the emissions of greenhouse gasses (produced by) humans—including we in the National Capital Region—the climate is changing;
  • we  therefore call on the City of Ottawa, Ville de Gatineau, the Provinces of Quebec and Ontario and the Government of Canada;
  • to take such actions within their jurisdiction, and to collaborate with and to urge and encourage other government bodies, as a priority to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.  This resolution being consistent with the dire warnings of the Nobel Peace Prize winning Panel on Climate Change.
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