Local Climate Talks

A friend has arranged for me to speak about climate change on Saturday December 3 at 11 in the morning. Please consider this an invitation to attend.

I’ll aim to talk for half an hour or so about climate change generally and the local state of play. Then there will be as much as an hour for questions and general discussion.

Date: Saturday December 3
Time: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Location: Champlain Park fieldhouse, 140 Cowley Ave., Ottawa


I attended a session two weeks ago entitled Our Environment, Our Future: Climate Change – Wise Use of Resources put on by the Ottawa Chapter of the PEO (Professional Engineers Ontario). I was impressed that the event was fully subscribed and about 120 people were in the room. Four interesting speakers were on deck:

  • David Rhynas P.Eng. M.Eng. is a speaker for Climate Reality Canada, part of the follow on from Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. David spoke on the big picture of climate change.
  • Kathryn Guindon M.Sc (ecology) spoke about food and the climate change implications of what we put in our mouths.
  • Dr. Yves Poissant with Canmet spoke about the current state of photo-voltaics and their comparison with other energy sources’
  • Dr. William (Liam) O’Brien from Carleton University talked about low to zero emissions buildings and a particularly interesting point that their performance is heavily dependent on their occupants’ behaviour and that design needs to account for that.

I followed-up on the meeting by first checking the PEO website where I found loads of material underlining the urgency of climate change, then writing the PEO president to ask whether the organization had a policy position statement on climate change, and if not, would it consider developing one. As a result I’ve been asked to present this question at an upcoming PEO meeting.

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