Rideau Canal Skateway

To encourage City Hall to give more priority to global warming I am collecting very local examples of changes that we are already seeing.

Click on the graph to see a larger version of the data showing how many days between season opening and closing for the Rideau Canal since official skating operations began in 1971.

The green line shows a 10 year rolling average and demonstrates that we’ve already lost two weeks off the skating season in just 40 years.

I put this graph together based solely on the first opening and final closing dates of skating seasons year after year. Of course in recent years the canal has been closed temporarily to skating during warm spells and I’m still trying to find out if data exists for similar closures before 1995.

The 2005 report commissioned by the NCC, to investigate the impacts that global warming might have on its operations, included the following information:

  • On average, winters are 1.5°C warmer now than they were in the 1940s.
  • [Winterlude] as converted from a 10-day event to a three-weekend event to increase the probability of suitable weather during the celebration.
  • Refrigerated trucks [have started to be used] for the ice sculpture carving.
  • [The NCC now collaborates] with local museums to offer package deals that promote non-climate-dependent activities.


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