Walking Charter

Councillor Marianne Wilkinson has said she’d like Mayor Jim Watson to sign the International Charter for Walking. Mayor Watson has said he’ll do it.

Links to the charter and it’s host website.

Here’s what the charter says (maybe we should all sign it):

International Charter for Walking: Creating healthy, efficient and sustainable communities where people choose to walk

I/We, the undersigned recognise the benefits of walking as a key indicator of healthy, efficient, socially inclusive and sustainable communities and acknowledge the universal rights of people to be able to walk safely and to enjoy high quality public spaces anywhere and at anytime. We are committed to reducing the physical, social and institutional barriers that limit walking activity. We will work with others to help create a culture where people choose to walk through our commitment to this charter and its strategic principles:

  1. Increased inclusive mobility
  2. Well designed and managed spaces and places for people
  3. Improved integration of networks
  4. Supportive land-use and spatial planning
  5. Reduced road danger
  6. Less crime and fear of crime
  7. More supportive authorities
  8. A culture of walking
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