[Action] Council on Email List

I contacted all members of City Council asking for permission to include them on the Climate Ottawa email list. All but two said yes.

Action: Let your councillor & the mayor know that you appreciate their openness to climate concerns.

Here’s the list of those who agreed (thanks all).

  • Jim Watson
  • Stephen Blais
  • Rainer Bloess
  • David Chernushenko
  • Rick Chiarelli
  • Peter Clark
  • Diane Deans
  • Steve Desroches
  • Keith Egli
  • Eli El-Chantiry
  • Mathieu Fleury
  • Jan Harder
  • Katherine Hobbs
  • Diane Holmes
  • Peter Hume
  • Maria McRae
  • Bob Monette
  • Shad Qadri
  • Mark Taylor
  • Tim Tierney
  • Doug Thompson
  • Marianne Wilkinson

Councillors Allan Hubley and Scott Moffatt declined to have their email addresses on the list. This does not necessarily mean that they don’t care about climate change. Nor does it mean they don’t want to hear from people who are concerned about climate change and who live in their wards. Go ahead, show them you care.

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